Tailored business solutions and developmental experiences for the acquisition of “people skills” required for business success and individual career advancement.


Since 1994, Flannes & Associates has drawn upon experience and background in a variety of work settings to offer practical, interactive training designed to develop tangible skills that can be used to solve real-world enterprise problems. We also offer shorter presentations that are suitable for professional meetings or keynote addresses (such as for the SAS Users’ Group International Conferences).

Seminars can be provided to intact work teams within the same organization, or through public seminars, which attract participants from a broad cross section of organizations.

We present seminars on a number of topics related to the interpersonal aspects of today’s workplace. One and two day seminars are available. The goals for all of the seminars:

  • Present tangible, practical interpersonal skills that can immediately assist attendees in improving their enterprise success while also increasing their career advancement opportunities and satisfaction.

Seminars for project management professionals
Flannes & Associates has been offering seminars for project management professionals since 2000. These seminars address topics related to the people skills required for project success and career advancement.

We are a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) for the Project Management Institute (PMI), and in that capacity offer the following two REP sanctioned seminars for organizations, private companies, and PMI chapters:

“Recognizing and Resolving Conflict” (one day)

  • Conflict is a natural component of project work. This seminar employs self assessment processes and practice exercises, helping the project manager recognize when conflict is present and then assisting the project manager in developing skills in five conflict resolution techniques.

  • This seminar qualifies for 7 PMI sanctioned professional development units

“People Skills for Project Managers and Technical Leaders” (two days)

  • This seminar covers all the necessary people skills required for successful project completion and career advancement. This interactive seminar covers topics such as communication skills, leadership competencies, motivation, conflict resolution, managing team crises, and project manager stress management. Seminar learning vehicles include presentations, self assessments, individual and group exercises.

  • This seminar qualifies for 14 professional development units

Additional presentations and seminars for project professionals

“Applying Emotional Intelligence in Teams and Organizations” (one day)
“Career Transitions: Working Through the Nuts and Bolts” (one day)
“Coaching Skills for the Project Manager: Motivating Others to Produce” (one day)
“Conflict Resolution: Assessment, Skills, and Techniques” (one day)
“Dealing with Difficult People: Concrete Skills to Handle Nasty Situations”  (one day)
“Handling the Angry Client or Stakeholder” (one day)
“Managing Work Stress” (one day)
“Working with the Individual Differences in a Team” (one day)

Customized seminars
Your organization may have the desire for a customized seminar, relating to specific needs that you face. We can easily design this type of seminar, and have done so for  private companies and organizations, as well as for PMI chapters (both domestic and international).

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