Tailored business solutions and developmental experiences for the acquisition of “people skills” required for business success and individual career advancement.

Professional Development for Project and Program Managers

Flannes & Associates provides three types of professional development services to project and program managers. These services include:

Individual coaching (and online personal style assessments)
Working with individuals on a variety of professional development goals related to the interpersonal aspects of project and program management (communication, leadership, motivation, team building, conflict resolution, handling team crisis, cross cultural challenges, stress management, and career management). These coaching services may be provided in person or remotely. Also see “Individual Services

Team coaching Team
On project teams, either collocated or virtual, interpersonal issues may create performance problems in the areas of team communication, conflict resolution, productivity, quality, and timeliness of work. Following an informal “audit” for the presence of possible interpersonal issues, these coaching services are designed to offer specific solutions to the team. Services may be delivered in person or remotely. Also see “Team Services

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