Tailored business solutions and developmental experiences for the acquisition of “people skills” required for business success and individual career advancement.

Online Assessments

Flannes & Associates has the capability to offer online assessments services that can be used with individuals as well as project teams or intact management teams.

The online assessment instruments that we use are tools that measure important variables such:

  • Personality and personal style
  • Career interests and functional “best fit”
  • Team role identification and interaction style
  • Leadership (style, capabilities, and competencies)

We use these assessments selectively, only when they add value to the client’s goals and needs.

Assessment Process and Philosophy
Certain steps are followed when we use assessments, whether with individuals or teams. Client needs and goals are discussed, and the best instruments are selected. Following the completion and scoring of the assessments, we meet with the client for a detailed and very interactive discussion session.

The key word here is “interactive,” as it is our experience that the client receives the most benefit to assessment processes when he or she thinks out loud in real time to address implications and next steps. This creates an active leaning experience, as compared to many assessment experiences that are too passive in nature.

The client receives a detailed assessment results booklet, along with interpretive materials and suggestions for developmental steps. Sometimes, the client chooses to begin working with us on the developmental steps via a coaching process. Other times, the client prefers to take the assessment results and begin the developmental piece of the process on their own.

Individual privacy and confidentiality regarding assessment results is maintained, whether working with individuals or teams.

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