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Conflict Services

Conflict within teams hampers decision making, increases inefficiencies, leads to retention issues, and hinders the group cohesion required for a forward looking, innovative approach to business. These services for teams are offered to both co-located teams as well as virtual teams.

Our services in resolving work group conflict may consist of the following processes:

  • Structured interviews with team members to gather date on perceptions of conflict as well as the individual differences present among team members
  • Selected online assessments, such as the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (which measures the preferred conflict resolution style of each team member) and the Myers-Briggs’ Work Style Report (which can measure differences among key team members in approaching conflict)
  • Goal directed, facilitated team meetings to discuss and employ new approaches to resolving team conflict
  • Ongoing team coaching as needed to monitor the acquisition and the application of the desired new conflict resolution approaches
  • The definition and monitoring of metrics that measure the level of team improvement in resolving conflict

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