Tailored business solutions and developmental experiences for the acquisition of “people skills” required for business success and individual career advancement.

Professional Coaching and Individual Development Services

Individual coaching is valuable when one:

  • Faces a challenge in the workplace that requires additional people or leadership skills
  • Sees that the organization is shifting into a new operations model, such as virtual team environment with cross cultural influences, which require more people skills sophistication
  • Needs to gain new skills in order to handle a new, demanding assignment or position.
  • Has been told by his or her manager that a performance improvement is needed in certain areas
  • Needs to develop additional leadership competencies in order to propel the career forward when the career is "stuck"

Here are two examples of our work with individuals who received these types of coaching services:

Software program manager facing cross-cultural challenges

The Problem

This woman was identified by her employer as a high achiever designated to receive professional coaching. She worked in a US location of a company based in the Pacific Rim. Unfortunately, she had gradually come to realize that her technical prowess did not directly help her navigate the cross cultural issues with her managers at the corporate headquarters.

The Solution

  • To be able to more effectively work across different cultures, she first had to “know herself” better, so she completed some personal style assessments that gave her information about how she communicates and how she might be perceived by others
  • We discussed, and she pursued, an exploration of the concept of “emotional intelligence” and how it impacts the ability to work successfully across cultures
  • We role played different approaches she could use to promote herself in ways that would be acceptable with her corporate managers

The Result
She was able to relate with a greater sense of “cross cultural competency,” which resulted in her promotion to a position with a wider scope of responsibilities.

Corporate controller needing to develop more "followership"

The Problem

This man had a very strong work ethic and was very demanding. He had received feedback that he needed to develop his interpersonal and influencing skills, so that he did not come across too much to his stakeholders as “just business.” He was told his limitations in this area were hurting his chances of advancement.

The Solution

  • Assessment work demonstrated to him that he focused too intently on the tangible task that was right in front of him, often neglecting the big picture and the people implications of his behavior
  • We leveraged his strong analytic skills to create a sequential plan that he could use each day to make sure he addressed the “people issues”
  • Role playing, addressing real world scenarios he faced with his team, gave him a chance to practice new communication skills (using open ended questions, etc.) towards the goal of creating more engagement with his team and stakeholders
The Result
We were able to help him access a more personable side of him and then find appropriate vehicles for him to use in presenting this side of himself to coworkers. Demonstrating this personable side to others altered their perceptions of him as “too technical, not people focused enough.” He was ultimately chosen for some very challenging assignments requiring him to successfully employ these new interpersonal skills.


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