Tailored business solutions and developmental experiences for the acquisition of “people skills” required for business success and individual career advancement.

Career Assessment and Career Transition Services

Career assessment and coaching services are valuable for the individual who:

  • Has lost his or her job, and needs to create immediate momentum to find the next one
  • Feels he or she is “stalled” in the current job
  • Has not been in a job search for a number of years, and needs information on current trends in resumes, networking, and interviewing
  • Desires to make a career change, pursuing a different function or industry
  • Is employed, but wants to find another position in the same or similar industry

Our services are selected in partnership with the client to address his or her current needs; we do not use a predetermined set of assessment instruments or processes. We have found that focused, personalized discussions can leverage the individual’s own strengths and resources to significantly “jump start” the transition process.

Our services involve a combination, as appropriate, of meetings that involve a goal directed discussion with professional assessment processes to identify the client’s:

Career interests, through discussions or online assessments (see “Online Assessment Services”)
Personal style and its organizational “best fit”
Definition of work and personal values
Career blocking behaviors
Strategies for professional networking and interviewing

We provide supportive and frank feedback during the consulting relationship, working with the client to create a tangible action plan the client can individually use to keep the process moving forward.

Here are three examples of our work with individuals who received these career transition services:

President of $30 billion division of a global manufacturer

The Problem

This individual went through a career assessment process in order to determine interests and goals for the next work chapter in his life. Obviously, this individual had many possible career directions, but wanted to find something that “really mattered,” as compared to taking another similar position or early retirement.

The Solution

  • Tailored personal assessments were given to the client
  • In depth results feedback discussions were held (both in person and remotely)
  • Creation of a “personal narrative” that he could share that explained his desire to shift to a smaller company
  • “Next steps” strategy was created, one that involved focus on networking and “safeguards” to not “take something too quickly”

The Result
He decided to take his skills and apply them in a smaller, more entrepreneurial environment. In this setting, he took his “lessons learned” from a career spent in major corporations and applied them to a more dynamic setting, where he could also do more hands on mentoring with a variety of staff from different levels.

First line administrator in a financial services firm

The Problem

This mid career professional was laid off during the economic recession when thousands of people were terminated from the major brokerage houses. He was very anxious about finding another position, having just relocated to the area. He had always been involved in the backroom operations, and did not have the experiences or licenses to be involved in the trading or advising side of the industry.

The Solution

  • Developed a series of approaches he could use to manage the stress he was experiencing during the job search
  • Helped him process the emotional aspects of the unexpected loss of his previous job
  • Fine-tuned his resume to tell the reader what he “accomplished,” not just what he “did”
  • Helped him define networking approaches he could use that would work with his “introverted” personal style
  • Scripted a “professional life story” that he could use in informational and formal interviews
The Result
He approached his interviews with more confidence, identified some target companies, and was able to land a lengthy consulting contract in a desired company.

Information technology executive searching for a new mission at work

The Problem

This man had succeeded in the financial services (brokerage) world, and had been laid off as the project to which he was dedicated began to wind down. He had successfully worked throughout his career in Information Technology. But he now faced the realization that “he’d been there, done that.” He wanted to define a career direction that would “hold more personal meaning” for him.

The Solution

  • He completed a series of career assessments that measured his interests, his work related values, his personal style, and his comfort with risk and change
  • We used the results of these assessments to help him craft a three paragraph description of what he was looking for next (“smaller company, possibly non-profit, a more general management position…”)
  • We created a method for him to do structured investigations of possible organizations within his preferred geographical region, and how to develop contacts at each of those groups
  • His resume was crafted to present “transferable skills” the he could apply in a new industry and/or function
  • We discussed his networking strategy, and created a “personal story” that would explain his desire to leave the corporate world for a different setting
The Result
Our work with him highlighted his current drive to work in “more meaningful ways.” He took his IT and leadership skills and applied them as an independent consultant working with organizations in the non-profit world of the arts. He has enjoyed this better fit, as well as the opportunity to achieve more balance and personal satisfaction in his life.


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