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People Skills 3.0: Next-Generation Leadership Skills for Project Success.
Steve Flannes has just published his third book on the subject of interpersonal skills required of leaders. This book is entitled People Skills 3.0: Next-Generation Leadership Skills for Project Success. The mainidea: More than ever, developing leaders need a variety of sophisticated and tangible interpersonal leadership in order to achieve success in today’s world of complexity, ambiguity, and multicultural collaboration. Remember this: We are all “leaders” in our work settings, regardless of whether we have the formal title of “leader.” You can purchase the book via Amazon.

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Message From Steve Flannes

Principal, Flannes & Associates

  My background combines a unique collection of leadership, management, and project leadership positions with original training as a psychologist to create a career focused on assisting individuals, teams, and organizations in improving their effectiveness in the area of work-relevant people skills.

I have worked across a broad cross spectrum of industries, as well as having worked with individuals at all levels of organizations, from front line employees to chief executive officers.

For more information about my services you can contact me at 510.339.7095 or email stevenflannes@att.net.
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